R&D Overview
To entrench its leadership position in the Security Products industry in Malaysia, SI has dedicated its extensive resources to R&D of innovative technologies that provide reliable solutions for customers worldwide.

Our R&D centre is located next to our manufacturing plant in Jiangsu, China. To dated, a total of US 1 mil has been invested in the building and research facilities.

Every year, more than 20 million bottles of OC spray are produced globally. About 99% of this quantity is tested by our research experts to ensure its maximum quality and reliability.

This R&D facility also provides us the opportunity to develop other self-protection products and solutions for personal, home and business protection. The Terminator electric mosquito trap is a fine example of this ideology.

In line with the world’s fast-changing technology, Stoper actively pursues new innovative technology to surpass the expectations of its worldwide customers.

And that is how we redefine R&D.
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